Read Manga Chapter free online is the best free manga online reader for your favorite manga's online wherever you are, whenever you want! One Piece 875 Manga Online. Katakuri, even though he thinks it's impossible to escape big mom, he still isn't going to underestimate luffy's crew which makes his character all the more enjoyable, he's not an idiot who just up and gets lazy thinking everything will be fine. What I really think of big mom ability to give part of her soul to objects and stuff is not what I think it literally means, however, it is more like a life span. And those life spans of hers contain bits of her characters, that's why zeus betrayed big mom, because his will is independent. Otherwise, he wouldn't been able to do such a thing if he was a literal part of her soul; no one can betray himself, it's not logical. So, when we talk about the possibility of zeus going strawhat, it wouldn't not make sense.
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Read One Piece 875 Chapter -Pudding does have the "memory-memory ability". And has shown to be a really sharp editor with those memories. What she can do to help out with Big Mom. 1. Show Big Mom what really happened to Mother Caramel and the children through Streusen's memory. And since he is knocked out cold, he can't put up any resistance to stop her. That would put Big Mom into a shock. 2. Edit out the chaos the Strawhats did during the wedding. 3. Edit out the destruction and existence of the first wedding cake. There is some more, but they are more unlikely. Also, Sanji and Pudding has to get married. After all, a cake is not a "wedding cake" unless there is a wedding for it to be used for. So even if Pudding and Chiffon makes their cake, it won't be a "wedding cake" unless Pudding marries Sanji before giving the cake to Big Mom. So Sanji and Pudding will get married, one way or the other.


One Piece 875 Chapter Prediction And Analysis

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What is the biggest twist in Whole Cake Island that you liked or didn't expect?

Twists I didn't expect:
1. Mother Caramel twist. Being an evil person and such. Almost sold Big Mom to the Government, when I was actually thinking she would gonna be Rocinante 2.0.
2. Capone Bege turning into ally. I was thinking he would remain an enemy to Luffy, and him shooting Pekoms at Zou would prove to be a fuel for Luffy-Bege's conflict.
3. Capone Bege's personality. Turned out to be much better than what I initially thought about him before this arc.
4. Vinsmokes are weaker than what I thought before, when seeing their first debut and cool design. When I used to have mangas like Inuyasha and Bleach in where cool looking characters = OP, stupid looking = fodder. I always know One Piece is different, but still, surprised by the outcome of Vinsmoke's hype. Or is it just that Big Mom Pirates, being 1 of Yonkou crew, that is far too much?

Personally, I'm not really surprised with Pudding's evil reveal, because she always looked too good to be true for me. And then there's a scene in which Pedro hinted Pudding being evil too. Also not really surprised with Jinbe leaving Big Mom's crew, I find it will surely happen sooner or later.  

As all the bows that oda introduces in the story have many storytelling references and make the reader enter a totally insane and good world, I really liked whole cake island and want it to have an even better end with the mugiwaras doing something unexpected, not defeating the bigmom or managing to stop her fury, but doing something beyond that. I really like how oda manages to totally destroy the cliché mentality of luffy's fandom being the protagonist and that he manages to defeat everyone with the famous' 'power of protagonism' ''. The oda is able to totally untangle this idea and can make luffy be inferior and can, for a moment, bring fear into luffy's eyes. This is a very good thing, since it is something that everyone needs to observe, that luffy you will not be able to be the king of the pirates in an easy way, he needs to overcome all who are stronger than him, however he will not overcome these characters quickly.He will overcome them painfully, with much experience in battle and making your enemies get overwhelmed with their evolution of strength. Finally, whole cake island is a good bow, I'm really enjoying it. Is that wano is even better, with kaidou and samurai.